Whenever you heard about “Balut” there still may be a lot of people who doesn’t know about it. But if they did, they probably think of the Philippines after hearing it.
What is Balut?
It’s easy. Balut is an aborted egg. Egg of a duck.
Wha-whuuuuuuuut??? Aborted? Are you insane? Is that really edible?
Don’t be like that. YES. Of course it can be eaten, try it. YUMMY! >nyam nyam nyam >.<

Why Philippines?
It’s a unique Philippine delicacy, though not all Filipinos eat balut especially the rich and famous. But Balut is much famous than them. LOL. I’m not joking because actually there are a lot of videos in Youtube showing how different people from foreign countries tried eating balut for the first time, also videos from foreigners who think balut is a unique and delicious food that everyone should try. How amazing is that?!
But wait how can there be an available balut on those countries? Did they abort some duckies eggs?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. ^^
Maybe a friendly Filipino let them try. Good Job.
No Joke. Balut is DELICIOUS.
See this? ^^


-credits to the owner of the picture-


My Top 10 KPOP BOY Groups (March 2013)

It’s hard to rank all of them since i support almost all KPOP Groups because they are all sooooo AMAZING. But at this very moment, this is how i will rank them by the total of their STYLES, SONGS, DANCES, LIVE PERFORMANCES, CHARISMA and Personality…since I’ve watched so many variety shows and interviews.

OOOppps. There will be GROUPs ranked on the same SPOT (coz GUYS.. u DEFINITELY know how hard it is to CHOOSE) ^^


These 2 groups are just so awesome. Before I’m not at all a fan of SM artists.. Well except SHINee. (I don’t hate SUJU or SNSD, I’m just not a fan).  For me EXO M is better in terms of POWERFUL VOICE, they sing more clearly and not shaky. And EXO K, OMG on the other side better in terms of DANCING. KAI ikaw na! (You’re the man!) ^^ Also I love their MAMA music video. I hope to see more amazing performances from them in the future.

*Teen Top and INFINITE

Bias: Changjo and Sungyeol ^^

I came across these 2 groups at the same time.

I love Teen Top’s dance practice video than their official MVs. I was really caught up by their moves, they look all so cool. And CHANGJO’s voice can make u pregnant. (XX) and ohhhh gosh he dances so perfectly. I like all the members, Niels voice, Chunji made me think of U-Kiss’ Kevin, C.A.P the hot Leader, Ricky is like a bright sunshine for me, and L.Joe my ultimate crush in Teen Top. (Chango and L.Joe actually)^^ Ugh! don’t make me choose.XD Their Miss Right MV (thumbs up) Awesome!

At first, I’m really confused why Infinite got so popular, it took me a month before realizing why. I appreciate how well their voices and synchronize dances after watching BTD and The Chaser. Leader Sungyu is not my bias in the group but OMG his voice is daebak, it’s like a unique voice in KPOP, (I like how he open his mouth whenever he sings ^^) L, the handsome face, Woohyun’s smile, Hoya and Dongwoo’s rap tandem, maknae Sungjong and WHY is Sungyeol my bias??? i also don’t know, i just like him the most, seeing his face always made me SMILE. XD….can’t forget their “Scorpion dance” in BTD. 🙂


They’re my 2nd bias group before but i just don’t feel their presence nowadays. For me they are the “most underrated KPOP group”. Why can’t award winning bodies appreciate them and give them awards? I mean U-Kiss has a lot of fans even internationally, their songs are good. “Manmanhani” was a big hit before, even “Binguel Binguel”. When it comes to powerful voice Seohyun is on the line, Kevin is my bias and he sings really good, Kiseop is a hunk XD, Eli a good looking guy who raps really well, oh our maknae Dongho who’s really active in K-entertainment, Hoon and AJ are talented new members after Kibum and Xander left the group which made me SAD until now. U-Kiss is now doing well in Japan and topped Hanteo charts. I wish them good luck and continue to make good songs, forget about awards coz you are more important. UKISS fighting! ^^


I hate it whenever someone says “ah they’re the recycled group”. UGH i want to kick someone!

Beast is not my ultimate bias but there’s something in their songs which made me wanted to search for the lyrics and memorize it (yeah, almost all their hit songs). Am I being hypnotized or their voices are just really good. “Soom” is one of the reasons why I did research about KPOP, while their song “Fiction” and “Midnight” was being played on my MP3 for more than 10 times a day. There’s no doubt that Kikwang is the most popular among the members, his voice and looks is good. Sweet Dongwoon XD, Yoseob’s baby face and good voice, Prince Hyunseung Jang’s dorkiness and the leader’s charisma but my bias in the group is rapper Junhyung, for me though he’s not the most good looking, but he is the most cool and usually his part in their songs are my favourite. ^^


Who’s my bias….KEY or Taemin..OMG who? Both? LOL

I never thought that I’ll become a Shinee fan. i mean really??! Yeah before, I think they sound weird (BEFORE, i think KPOP is GAY..gayish or whatever, I REGRET it now, so sorry) XD. “Ringdingdong” made me explore more about SHINee. I watched their season in Hello Baby and that’s it I become a fan right away. ^^ Jonghyun’s voice and sense of variety is great, leader Onew’s voice is heavenly, Minho extremely athletic (connect??) XD, ’til now I can’t describe Almighty Key’s voice coz it’s very unique. And Taemin’s MOVES? OMG I want to be your noona for real. Give me a hug! ^^ Their latest’s Japanese song “Fire” makes me cry whenever i watch it, it’s really inspirational (even if I can’t understand a single word) LOL

PS. SHINee’s live performances are incredible, feels like I’m watching their actual MVs. Flawless voice, flawless moves. ^^

*B1A4 & BtoB

I also came across these 2 groups at the same time and i instantly hooked by their different charms and Charisma.

I don’t really like cutesy theme on KPOP but it’s different when it’s a cute MV from B1a4.Maybe because they’re a natural and not just trying to be cute specially Gongchan. ^^I don’t have my bias right now because i can’t choose coz I love them all! XD but before it’s Jinyoung coz i like it whenever he smiles in their “Baby I’m Sorry” MV which is also my fave B1a4 song. (I even murdered the REPLAY button of my mp3) lol. Jinyoung, CNU, Baro, Sandeul and Gongchan, DAEBAK! ^^

BtoB. A group of good looking and individually talented guys. Love all their songs, from ballad to pop. I know they’ll be big someday. Cube did a very good job for putting these guys together to form a group. I like how the leader Eunkwang performs to the highest level, and how the other members did their part amazingly. I like their song “Irresistible Lips” but not It’s MV coz Minhyuk my bias kissed a girl! grrr XD. “Lover Boy”, “Father” and “WOW” are all on my favourite lists. Fighting BtoB, there are a lot of opportunities ahead of you.


I became a Block B fan after watching their “Nalina” MV. I find them cool in every way. But before, I hesitated to watch or hear any of their songs, it’s because i thought their bad boys (there are a lot of negative news about them) but then i understand that they are just human and YOUNG. We should not bash them but give good advices and support. Zico, for me he’s soooooo COOL and talented, i got a big crush on him. ^^ There are rumours that lots of girl group members gave him hints that they like him. GOSH! stay away from him please…….XD AND… Who the hell won’t be amazed on their BLOCKBUSTER album specially their “Nilili Mambo” MV? Honestly, I got addicted! Block B has also already gained different music awards outside South Korea. How awesome is that?! The members also are all very talented, P.O’s husky voice, Kyung also raps so well like Zico, Boomie’s dance moves, Jaehyo’s handsome face.LOL and the maknae’s sweet smile. ASA! ^.___.^


They’re on No.2 spot for a very long time, but i put them on 3rd now BECAUSE:

___________ ugh! It’s just so hard to rank groups! HELP! keke

One of the reasons why i like them is because I have already watched almost ALL of their variety shows and I’m going to say that they’re really good and that their personalities are very magnificent and I want to meet them personally. I want G.O to serenade me with his sweet voice; I want to have a conversation with Thunder to test him if he still can speak in TAGALOG (Philippine National Language) i know he still can.^^ Seungho, i want to give him another injury.LOL joke…why was he always injured. keke. Mir-eah! I’m going to pinch your cheeks when we meet, and tanananananananan LEE JOON OPPA..oppa saranghaeyo, my second ULTIMATE DELICIOUS PRECIOUS boyfriend in the future. I’m more of MBLAQ’s variety shows than their music that’s why I put them now on third.  Don’t get me wrong, they possessed good voices especially G.O. Should they really be in the 3rd place, is it unfair to them??LOL (WHATEVER) But still my love for them is extremely BIG! Monalisa, It’s War, DAEBAK! Their live performance of “Run” is my favourite.


The group which replaced MBLAQ’s former no.2 SPOT. OMG, why guys?! I never even thought that this will happen, why i love BAP so fast, so sudden, so so so……..((^__^))

I’m now still haven’t seen any BAP’s variety show, i don’t know what personalities they have. It’s because they’re still newbie in K-industry but I’ll make sure to watch more of them. If it’s like that.. why are they 2nd in my heart? First. The members are perfect together, they have individual talents, good looking (Yongguk hmm you’re also good looking don’t worry) LOL, good singing, rapping, dancing skills, TS ENT. you made a good decision in creating a group like BAP. I love all their songs, YES ALL of their SONGS, all MVs, all LIVE performances. B.A.P can also be recognized internationally and garnered FANBOYS (KPOP doesn’t have much fan boys). They are so manly. WATTA! HIMCHAN my loves, I’m always looking for him in every mv.keke. Yongguk’s big voice, Daehyun’s powerful voice and good looks, Youngjae’s voice is my favourite, awh!, Jonggup’s dancing skills is daebak and lastly…..ZELO a very talented young man who can dance and rap amazingly. Good job! BTW. I bought their ONE SHOT album, and they even went here in the Philippines to shoot some part of their MV, love it! I got HimChan’s photo card! ASA!

What’s the name of the game………B.A.P!

And for my NUMBER 1:

—————-DRUM ROLLS——————


* OF COURSE it’s B to the I to the BANG BANG. One and only VIP. BIGBANG!

If I’m going to write everything about why I like them so much, then it’ll be a long story.

But to make it short:

I love all their songs. All Music Videos.


They are PERFECT in their own way.

FASHION styles. THEY broke the rules of KPOP.

They have fans all over the world.

They don’t only have FAN GIRLS but also a lot of FAN BOYS.

They’re not afraid to dare (unique hair and clothing)

They can overcome a lot of hardships, scandals and criticisms.

They’re from a very good company (not a company but a family) YG FAMILY!

They compose all their songs, especially GD (my ultimate of all ultimate BIASES).

As I noticed, though almost all KPOP groups perform well live, only BIGBANG can bring the house down. KICK ASS. ^^

EVERY MEMBER has their own charisma and they can promote INDIVIDUALLY.

GD is my future HUSBAND. Very talented, what else he can’t do? He’s a FASHION ICON.

TOP is blessed with good genes. Spell HANDSOME!

Daesung is like a light in a dark place.

Taeyang’s soulful voice and confidence.

Seungri’s friendly attitude and best fan service.


>sorry for having a lot of BIASES and FAVORITES, hope you guys understand<