Whenever you heard about “Balut” there still may be a lot of people who doesn’t know about it. But if they did, they probably think of the Philippines after hearing it.
What is Balut?
It’s easy. Balut is an aborted egg. Egg of a duck.
Wha-whuuuuuuuut??? Aborted? Are you insane? Is that really edible?
Don’t be like that. YES. Of course it can be eaten, try it. YUMMY! >nyam nyam nyam >.<

Why Philippines?
It’s a unique Philippine delicacy, though not all Filipinos eat balut especially the rich and famous. But Balut is much famous than them. LOL. I’m not joking because actually there are a lot of videos in Youtube showing how different people from foreign countries tried eating balut for the first time, also videos from foreigners who think balut is a unique and delicious food that everyone should try. How amazing is that?!
But wait how can there be an available balut on those countries? Did they abort some duckies eggs?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. ^^
Maybe a friendly Filipino let them try. Good Job.
No Joke. Balut is DELICIOUS.
See this? ^^


-credits to the owner of the picture-


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